Slow browsing or none at all

  Bike-it 21:35 14 Oct 08

Hi all i am currently having problems getting onto some web sites like ebay, bbc sport, and bbc NI news,ebay taking approx 20 minutes to load and it sometimes has pictures and text missing, most of the other sites i am browsing are ok. could this be a virus or spyware, any way of cleaning any crap that might have infected the computer.
I am using avira av and superantispyware, ccleaner,ad-aware, spyware terminator, all of which i have run but it makes no difference.

  Technotiger 21:44 14 Oct 08

You seem to have run all the programs that members here would have advised anyway. Have you made any recent hardware changes or new program installations or MS Updates, any of which could perhaps result in what you are experiencing?

  Bike-it 21:49 14 Oct 08

Nope no new hardware changes or ms updates recently.

  Technotiger 22:10 14 Oct 08

How are you connecting to the Net? Perhaps the problem comes via your router or modem - but I am only guessing now!

As I already said, you appear to have done all the right checks.

  Bike-it 22:53 14 Oct 08

i am connected to the net via a Netgear router.

  T I M B O 22:56 14 Oct 08

On that netgeat router is a little re-set buttin on the back, a pin should fit in there, press this and this will re set ur router, give this a go. Sometimes you need to re set ur ip and that can help.

Best of luck..............

  provider 2 23:01 14 Oct 08

Right-click the blue bar at the bottom of the screen and select Task Manager, then click Applications. Is anything not responding?

If not click Processes and scroll down. Tell us if anything is using a lot of CPU (80-90%).
(System idle should be around 95-98%)

  rdave13 23:20 14 Oct 08

As well as provider 2's suggestion try 'power cycling' the router. Simply switch off for a minute or so and power up again.

  Bike-it 17:32 15 Oct 08

Any other suggestions please.

  Bike-it 17:33 15 Oct 08

Any more suggestions please.

  Bike-it 18:08 15 Oct 08

Provider 2 i tried what you asked but all seems as it should be.

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