slow broadband yet it show 2.1mbps

  leeknight67 16:16 13 Sep 06

the last couple days my braodband speed has gone slow. when i loaded up a page with lots of pictures it would take no longer the 5 secands now its closer to 5 minutes. when i click on the connection icon the spped shows 2.1mbps yet this can very some times it goes down to 850kbps.
i am with i have windowsxp. can anyone shed light on this for me please



  Splodge 16:25 13 Sep 06

You might have a virus... they sometimes slow things down!

  Jackcoms 16:44 13 Sep 06

Time of day, local contention ratios and your distance from the exchange will all have an effect on your speed.

Visit click here for an accurate speed test.

Use it at various times of the day for several days to get an average.

Afternoons and evenings will be decidedly slower than mornings.

  leeknight67 17:49 13 Sep 06

i did that test and it said i was running at 0.1mbps am have moved to my other computer and its just as slow

  Jackcoms 17:50 13 Sep 06

What is the speed of the package from your ISP?

  leeknight67 17:37 14 Sep 06

2.2mbps (upto 8 meg)

  skidzy 17:41 14 Sep 06

"have moved to my other computer and its just as slow"

Just a quick thought,are you running through a router,i recall something on the lines of the mtu settings need here

  Jackcoms 17:44 14 Sep 06

So your package is up to 8mbps???

What is the significance of your reference to 2.2mbps?

  Jackcoms 17:45 14 Sep 06

Try this click here to see what your line will support

  Reg3 17:50 14 Sep 06

I'm on Virgin 8meg package too and I've been getting extremely slow speeds - 0.2Mbps since Monday. I used to get over 2Mb download speeds. Virgin have raised a fault with BT and I'm waiting on their findings.

  picklefactory 17:35 15 Sep 06

There seems to be a glut of threads just now relating to broadband speeds slowing down lately. I'm with Plusnet, and am also experiencing this, I've seen threads from people on Tiscali, Virgin, BT, lots. I've found various references to NTL currently doing serious work on cables, I think various ISP's share cabling, I wonder if that is an issue.

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