Slow broadband with Orange

  Mr "B" 20:44 25 Mar 07

I have a 1mb internet connection which i pay £17.99 a month for. My point of this is recently i went on too these different speed check sites and the abosolute max says i'm getting is 480kbps which is chuff.
So i phoned up Orange earlier to speak about this and after alot of flapping abt talking to people all over the world the answer i got from there so called technical team was even though you pay for 1 meg you don't necessary get that and they can't guarantee this. That was basically it and all they could offer me. Now is this total Codswhallop cause i personally think it is.

  Woolwell 22:28 25 Mar 07

The speed you get will be up to 1Mb. The actual speed depend on how far you are from your exchange, the quality of the line and how busy the internet is. So it wasn't complete codswallop.
You can try a speed test:
click here

  Totally-braindead 22:40 25 Mar 07

It also depends on the amount of bandwidth available for people and this can vary enormously.

Looking here click here I can see no mention of a £17.99 package, there is a £14.99 one with a 2 gig limit.

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