Slow boot-up

  dazza39 23:49 10 Oct 05

When i turn on my PC it takes ages to get to og in screen,any ideas whats causing this?Thanks

  pj1664 23:52 10 Oct 05

Do you have any third party prog. running in the back ground like GOBACK, plus please give more details of OS and computer spec.

  dazza39 23:55 10 Oct 05

No third program unless you mean firewall,virus software etc,which shouldn't affect it,

Windows XP Home
2.4Ghz Processor
1 Gig Ram

  pj1664 00:04 11 Oct 05

What I may suggest is once window loads up try running a spyware proggrame on your system. see if that helps when you next boot up.

  dazza39 00:08 11 Oct 05

Have done that,all clear

Do you use Norton Products? If so, try uninstalling them (everything and completely) and then rebooting the system.

I have Norton Systemworks Premier 2005 and Norton Internet Security 2005 and the PC took absolutely ages. Took them off and its as it should be - a pretty quick boot time.

  smokingbeagle 01:12 11 Oct 05

Pagedfrg to defrag the Registry
click here
Ntregopt to compact the Registry
click here
and TuneXP to re-arrange your boot files so that they load faster. You'll need .net framework for TuneXP.
click here

All the above, of course after you've defraged and used utilities along the lines of Ccleaner and or Regseeker.

  dazza39 08:51 11 Oct 05

I don't use Norton Products,so its not that,i'm gonna try Recovery Console option first.

  Vimal 09:32 11 Oct 05

XP HE, SP1 & SP2 AMD Athlon 2600 512 MB 80HD

I have a similar problem.

Use Norton Systemworks 2005 and Norton Internet 2005 for some time with no problems but now my PC seems to take ages to boot.

Have noticed that it gets stuck on the the screen after the XP loading screen and have to use ALT CTRL DEL to restart then it boots much quicker.

Have run Spybot and no problems. Used Reg Mechanic to tidy up Registry and seems to have happened since then?

Can anybody help?


  dazza39 10:06 11 Oct 05


Similar to my problem,initial XP screen comes up then theres a pause for nearly 2 mins,before it boots into the log-in screen.:-)

  flimbo 11:56 11 Oct 05

Microsoft Bootvis is an option click here

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