irfan 22:01 07 Jun 03

My computer has recently going slow. Can you sovle my problem

  hugh-265156 22:09 07 Jun 03

can you give some more details please?

what operating system,amount of memory etc

when does it happen?

  irfan 22:17 07 Jun 03

As i was sayin, I've got Windows Xp, when it starts up it goes slow. then everything disapears then it comes back and the taskbar icons go. i think its a virus. I dont want to use Norton coz it only makes the matter worse.

  hugh-265156 22:25 07 Jun 03

you do need an antivirus and firewall though.

try avg antivirus and zonealarm.both are free and very good.

as for the slow boot up, uninstall any uneeded programs,disable any programs starting with windows by typing msconfig into start/run and clicking on the start up tab.untick all you dont need click here for reference.

do a disk cleanup then run a disk check and defrag.

then get bootvis from click here and this will speed up the boot time even more.

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