Slot1 PIII CPU voltage selection?

  luvpup 20:50 11 Nov 04

Hey there everyone...

Can someone please tell me why some PIII CPU's are 1.65V and others 2.05V etc, etc.

I have done a google search, came up with a few "overclocking" tech pages, but no actual explanation for the different voltages. Also, did a search on "completed" topics here, and that didn't prove to provide much either...

cheers luvpup

  dez fowler 21:05 11 Nov 04

Different processors in a CPU family can vary a great deal although these differences will not necessarily be reflected in clock speed or cache size.

  Dorsai 21:22 11 Nov 04

That's about it. Different CPU's can be sold with the same 'label'/'Brand name'

Xp2000, 1666Mhz, palomino or thoroughbred. same cach sizez, same speed, but different.

Like a car.

Can be Mark I or Mark II.

Look the same, cost the same, go the same, but bits for Mk I may not fit MK II.

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