Sloooooooooooow PC!

  ivesy 20:45 16 Jan 04

I have a P4 2.6 Scaleo 600 with 512MB memory, 80Gig hard drive running Win XP.
Does anyone know why when I run something like Norton Virus checker and say try to connect to AOL at the same time does it seem to much for my PC? The PC seems to go into slow mo as it tries to connect to the web. I've noticed when I run say Nero and open a program called Fellows labeling kit that the system again slows down. I've only had the PC since September'03. I run Disk Defrag, I keep an I on things with Norton and I regulary update the drivers. I've read somewhere that theres a program that comes with the drivers for my HP printer that can slows the system down and that if you remove it things speed up again but I can't remember where I read it! Grrrrrr!!! I did have that worm virus but that was removed by Norton so just to make sure I used the recovery disk and re-installed XP. This happpened early on when I got the PC so it's difficult to tell if I had the problem before I re-installed or not! Any ideas would greatly appreciated! or am I just plain impatient!

  interzone55 21:08 16 Jan 04

I've found that if you stop all the HP related software running at startup it stops things slowing down.

Goto Start / Run, type msconfig in the box, then click the startup tab, remove the ticks from everything HP related, then restart your PC, this won't effect your printer in any way, although you may find print jobs take slightly longer to start.

Norton AV will slow your PC down as it's scanning every file on your disk & comparing them to a database, this is pretty processor intensive and it slows down disk access.

As for the Fellows labelling kit, it's probably very badly written, so don't run it while you're writing CDs to prevent ruined disks.

Hope this helps

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