"Sllights" keeps causing errors. What is it?

  Loracthims 19:35 29 Mar 03

Amidst the dozens of error messages I have received every day since purchasing my expensive and utterly useless Fujitsu-siemens computer - OS Windows Me - is a variation on the "Sllights has caused an error - Sllights will now close".

Can anyone tell me what this is?
Do I even need it?
It's in my 'list' (the one you get when pressing Ctrl+Alt+Del).
It's only been there since I took the machine back to Comet and dumped it on them in frustration, at which point the guy there kindly wiped everything, repartitioned it, and put everything back on.

There are in fact a few things in this list that I'm sure weren't there initially (would appreciate knowing what they are, if I need them - and how to get them to go away if I don't - they are:

  Loracthims 19:39 29 Mar 03

Had problem there - perhaps message too long?
Sorry - trying to kill a lot of birds with one stone - the unknown items are: Nip, Zlh, Nymse and Acrord32 (never seen before today!)

Appreciate any help, particularly with the Sllights.


  spikeychris 19:46 29 Mar 03

Do you have a SmartLink 56UST USB modem?


  spikeychris 20:02 29 Mar 03

Do you also have Norton Av and Acrobat reader?

  spikeychris 20:07 29 Mar 03

Run a virus check, do you also have Zonealarm as Zlh can be caused by ZA.

Give it a good clear out, check for new drivers, check for updated versions of programs and un-install and re-install.


  MAJ 20:12 29 Mar 03

Acrord32 belongs to Acrobat Reader.

  spikeychris 20:20 29 Mar 03

MAJ see my 20:02, check your mail...

  MAJ 20:28 29 Mar 03

Re: Acrobat Reader. Sorry spikeychris, just out of bed, mate, I should take more time to wake up first. Got your email am answering.

  cycoze 22:12 29 Mar 03

Sllights - do you have a Smartlink system tray icon for your modem , if so this may be the problem , to get around it try to disable it in your startup , it should not affect your modem , if it does simply re-enable it.

Zlh and Nymse are both pertaining to Norman anti virus .

Acrord32 as MAJ and spikeychris have said is acrobat reader .

Nip , no idea.

  Loracthims 17:30 30 Mar 03

Have no idea if I have a Smartlink 56UST USB modem - I have a 56K dial up modem incorporated in computer - never noticed Smartlink anywhere.

I do have NORMAN av - thanks - that explains those.

And I was using Acrobat yesterday which explains the sudden appearance of Acrord32.

What about SLLIGHTS though? Almost everytime I use computer this causes error and shuts itself down - has stopped shutting whole machine down but still happens. What is it?

(Am printing off this thread to read and try what you've suggested - but I'm not great or courageous when it comes to uninstall/reinstall stuff - this machine's been so temperamental since day 1) Thanks for your help with this.

  Loracthims 17:38 30 Mar 03

Cycoze - I have "systray" in my list, but no mention of Smartlink alongside it. I thought this was one I wasn't meant to shut down though - that and OSA (whatever that is!!)

What do you think?

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