Slipstreaming XP

  Spark6 19:32 20 Nov 06

I am attempting to slipstream Windows XP with Service Pack 2 using Paul Thurrott's method, see click here

The sixth paragraph has the following instruction: Now, you need to extract the SP2 files. To do so, open up a command line window by navigating to Start, and then Run, and typing "cmd" (no quotes); then hit ENTER. Then, using the following commands, navigate to that folder and extract the files (Note that the text [ENTER] means hit the ENTER key):

cd sp2

xpsp2.exe -xc:\sp2 [ENTER]

I have tried to follow this instruction numerous times but it always comes up as an invalid command. As always, any help with this conundrum gratefully received.

  brundle 19:33 20 Nov 06

dont you mean

xpsp2.exe -x:c:\sp2

  brundle 19:34 20 Nov 06

making sure the service pack 2 file (`xpsp2.exe`) is in the current folder too;

  rodriguez 19:36 20 Nov 06

Should be xpsp2.exe -x c:\sp2

xpsp2.exe = the self extracting archive with SP2 in it

-x = the extract command

c:\sp2 = the target directory for extracted files

This is as long as the xpsp2.exe is actually there in the correct directory of course.

  rawprawn 19:43 20 Nov 06

Have a look at this, it is a good description of how to slipstream
click here

  jimv7 19:46 20 Nov 06

I used autostreamer from click here

very simple to use, just point it at the xp files, then sp2 files and wait for the image to be created.

  Spark6 19:57 20 Nov 06

Thank you both for the prompt replies, I shall try your suggestions.

I wonder if you would try the link I supplied and check my interpretation of the instruction!

rawprawn: that's the same link!!

  Spark6 20:04 20 Nov 06

Apologies. Your link starts the same as mine but the confusing instruction in mine is not in yours, which appears to be more straight forward.

  Spark6 23:26 20 Nov 06

Still struggling. Please check out my original link to Paul Thurrott's method and comment on the instructions I mentioned.

The link has been posted in earlier threads on this forum!

  Strawballs 01:05 21 Nov 06

click here I have used this site a few times for various people and even modified it to extract windows from an HP disc and make it bootable and it has worked every time.

  Spark6 15:01 04 Dec 06

I've just noticed I closed this thread without a conclusion. Although I was still unable to use Paul Thurrott's method I closed the thread because sunny staines was in the same position and I took an interest in his thread.

P.S I'm still trying but have other problems on my mind.

This thread is now locked and can not be replied to.

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