Slimline desktops

  Billy Boy 13:45 06 Apr 07


I am in the process of changing my desktop for a more up to date version.
I am rather taken with the slimline versions and would appreciate some input from you guys.
I am not very computer savvy and would like to know
if the one I am thinking about is O.K or if it is too
small in Ram or HD capacity for todays needs also what problems have been found with these smaller units.

The unit concerned is HP DC5700
Cache - 2MB
OS - XP Proffesional
Ram - 2 X 512MB
HD - 160GB
Vista Capable
Intel Duel core.


  skidzy 13:53 06 Apr 07

Problem with these smaller systems is if you wish to upgrade the hardware,maybe a bit expensive.

Personally after using Vista for a month now,go for a Vista machine.

Ram depends on your needs,if you like video/photo editing...go for 2GB and a bigger harddrive.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:54 06 Apr 07

Its ok if it suits your needs, so we need to know what you want to use your machine for?

Video editing will need different spec from a gamers machine.

  insyder 13:54 06 Apr 07

It's a good spec, hdd a bit small. depends how much it's costing you. Main thing is Upgradability or lack of. Graphics card! will it do you? is it on-board? If you play big games, can the RAM be upgraded or is the board restricted - Can you get a decent graphics card to fit the case if ness??? I'm not trying to put you off but my experience of big name comps means if you want to upgrade you have to buy another computer....

  Technotiger 13:55 06 Apr 07

Hi, I would say that the one you are thinking of, the DC5700 is a decent no-nonsense PC. Perfectly adequate if all you want to do is the usual everyday run-of-the-mill stuff that most of us do. Would only need a bigger spec if you were seriously into photography/video etc. Though I would stick with XP rather than Vista at this stage. Just my opinion.

  insyder 13:56 06 Apr 07

It's my opinion as well.... 8-)

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