Slide show software with small file size

  edenworkshops 15:09 27 Jan 09


I have been looking at various slide show software, the problem is that the programs I have seen typicaly produce large files intended for burning to DVD or CD, where file size is not a problem.

I want to be able to upload my slide show to utube and similar, where file size is more important.

Can anyone suggest a program that does this, I am quite happy to pay, but would be delighted if a free program existed.

I cannot use Photo Story 3 as I am running win 2000.

Thank you


  MAJ 15:27 27 Jan 09

Irfanview click here make sure to download the plugins as well.

  topdog07 15:27 27 Jan 09

Have a look at this site click here for free programs whioh should solve your problem.

There is one in particular called 'slideshow for youtube' which looks the job.

Not sure on file sizes though.

Note: Change language dropdown at top of home page to English.

Hope this helps


  eedcam 15:30 27 Jan 09

'programs I have seen typicay produce large files '
Such as? because most allow you to save as several formats including Wmv.You tube you can upload up to a gigabyte remeber the samller the size the poorer the quality

  hssutton 15:33 27 Jan 09

Reduce the file size before making the slideshow, then any of slideshow software progams will be suitable.

  edenworkshops 17:20 27 Jan 09

As a newcomer to utube I assumed small files were needed, but in fact as you say files up to 1GB can be uploaded.

Case solved, thank you


  eedcam 18:17 27 Jan 09

Glad you are sorted can you tick resolved please

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