sli setup

  Harpur 15:51 01 Nov 05

i have a gainward 6600gt card and want to go to sli. do i need to buy exactly the same brand or will the same chipset do as long as the memory is the same. it is built on the 2ns and runat 500mhz and the mobo is an asus a8n sli.

  PaulB2005 15:55 01 Nov 05

If you have the latest drives 80.xx then you can use two cards from different manufactures - get the driver first. They can even have different clock speeds and memory sizes but MUST be the same core.

6800 & 6800 is OK

6800 & 6800GT is not OK.

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Note: NVIDIA recommends that SLI customers, whenever possible, purchase graphics cards with matching memory sizes. When dissimilar memory sizes are enabled to work together using Coolbits (value set to 18), the effective memory size for each card becomes the smaller of the two memory sizes.

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