Slave HDD for backup duties

  Flaco 20:38 04 May 04

Evening all. Am running XP Home (SP1) on an XP1800, 512 RAM.

Bitter experience has taught me that I need something more robust than simple CD backups so I want to install a secondary (Maxtor 40Gb) drive to serve mainly as a data backup location for my 60Gb primary (also Maxtor, but older model). Additionally it would be nice to have a second partition on the slave for storage of my ripped CD collection and photos.

I've never formatted an HDD before. Any tips on setting up the slave with backup objectives in mind? Would I need additional s/w? Current drive format is NTFS.

Thanks in advance...

  powerless 20:42 04 May 04

click here

Would I need additional s/w? - no

File system can be ntfs or fat.

  Gongoozler 20:43 04 May 04

Hi Flaco. Download Maxblast from Maxtor and it will make the job a doddle click here

  Flaco 22:11 04 May 04

That's lovely, thanks very much, folks. :)

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