281apple 08:52 14 Mar 05

I downloaded skype out and installed it. I then called a friend saying I would call him to check to see if the connection worked and how good or bad the voice quality could be. He agreed to receive my phone call.

I dialed the number and it worked. He answered and the quality of his voice was perfect.

He did not hear me at all. I verified that the microphone (an Aiwa stero condenser microphone CM-S32 using a LRO3 1,5V battery) was working OK on my computer and all the tests were positivte.

I tried with three other people and the same thing.

I would like to know if my computer is creating the problem or is it the microphone.

Can anyone help?


  Yoda Knight 09:51 14 Mar 05

if the microphone setup wizard (control panel, sound) shows movement in the bar then ur mic should be working fine

  johnnyrocker 10:43 14 Mar 05

might seem strange but firewall settings?


  Audeal 10:50 14 Mar 05

You may need to turn on your mic in the Audio settings. If your Audio is set to "Input" then it must be reset to "Mic". You can only have one or the other set. Turn on one and the other goes off. You can't have Audio In and Mic on at the same time.

  Stuartli 10:51 14 Mar 05

Have you checked the Mic settings on the Volume Control Mixer panel to ensure that the slider(s) are properly set and that Mute hasn't inadvertently been enabled?

  dmc727 20:21 17 Mar 05

Just a thought.....

start /control panel / sound-audio devices / advanced / speaker set-up.

Make sure the right one is selected.

  Baslla321 10:05 18 Mar 05

Call 'echo123', to test service.

  Salinger 10:26 18 Mar 05

Did anything work?

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