Skype In -your views please

  ethelene 19:56 30 Jun 05

Has anybody any experience of Skype In?

I use skype and skype out, and have a mobile which I could dial 999 with if I ever needed to.

I want to ditch my landline telephone altogether and save the £10 or so a month line rental.

I can only do this if I have skype in so non-computer users can telephone me.

Will it work? Is it reliable?

Your views are welcome and appreciated.

  Graham ® 20:07 30 Jun 05

How are you going to get on the 'net without a telephone line or cable?

  ethelene 20:10 30 Jun 05

I have telewest broadband which is not dependant on the telephone line.

Telewest will charge me £3 a month more for the broadband connection if I cancel the telephone.

  Graham ® 20:18 30 Jun 05

Fair enough. 'Will it work? Is it reliable?'

I'm sure it will be both. Why not sign up and test it out before cancelling the phone?

Bear in mind if you choose a non-UK number, your friends will be paying international rates to call you.

Not sure whether same country calls are charged at National rate if the number is local to the caller.

  ethelene 20:21 30 Jun 05

Thanks for that Graham.

The problem is I am extrememly tight fisted and I would have to pay for Skype In - and it's only a beta version.

I need convincing before I part with my cash.

I must say I find Skype and Skype Out to be excellent.

  Graham ® 20:24 30 Jun 05

Me too!

  ethelene 20:28 30 Jun 05

I find the landline so annoying as I make very few telephone calls - the ones I do make are all to companies at peak rate times.

I only make 4 or 5 calls a month, so am peeved at paying £11.50 line rental.

  stalion 22:13 30 Jun 05

you may be interested in the post titled,
better than skype perhaps, on this page

  ethelene 09:09 01 Jul 05

Interesting reading, stallion.

Now more confused than ever!

  TomJerry 10:01 01 Jul 05


  ethelene 10:04 01 Jul 05

I know tomjerry - if I didn't have to pay I'd try it for a week or so before committing myself.

It's only beta too.

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