Skype video query

  tonyt1151 19:54 08 Jan 08

I have looked at all other Skype posts but none answer my question. Since downloading latest version I have a video problem .When on a video call my video picture is stationary -like a snapshot- but the other person sees my video ok ie a moving picture. Whilst this is not a major issue it was not like it before the update and also because I only see a still image of myself I don't know if I am staying in the picture without the other person telling me. I have no problem with sound or with the other person's picture

  tonyt1151 19:59 08 Jan 08

Should have said using Logitech QuickCam Pro4000. When checking camera settings with Logitech video picture ok. It only freezes when on Skype

  Technotiger 20:14 08 Jan 08

I would assume you have set up your camera in Skype's Tools>Options>Video Settings.

  Technotiger 20:15 08 Jan 08

Also that you are using Windows, not a Mac computer.

  tonyt1151 20:26 08 Jan 08

Yes I am using WindowsXP. I have checked webcam settings in Skype - correct settings - but only get still picture. I have checked same settings in Messenger and all is ok - the picture moves as I would expect it to. As I said when on Skype video call the other person sees my video perfectly ie moving

  Technotiger 20:30 08 Jan 08

Hmm, verrry strange! Have you tried Skype 'Help'?

  tonyt1151 20:41 08 Jan 08

Not yet I will do that next and post back if I get anywhere. Cheers for now

  Stuartli 20:46 08 Jan 08

Is the Default video device (i.e. the webcam) correctly listed in the Skype configuration?

Try setting the fps at 15fps, which is more than adequate for Skype video.

  tonyt1151 20:56 08 Jan 08

Hi guys. Just checked on Skype's own forum and it appears that this is a common problem that Skype know about and "are trying to fix" There is a work around shown on their forum which I shall try. Thanks for your input though

  Technotiger 21:17 08 Jan 08

OK, thanks for the feedback.

  cjc42 22:29 08 Jan 08

Hi, I hadthe same problem with the latest version of Skype. I've tried with both Logitek and Creative web cams that work on Messenger etc and have worked on previous versions of Skype.
I've got around the problem by using Splitcam, which I downloaded from click here years ago.
Using the Creative web cam as the source for Splitcam and using Splitcam as the source for Skype I've got Skype video working!!
The advantage of Splitcam is you can use it's output for several programs at the same time.
hope this helps.


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