Skype opening up ?

  Ikelos 14:23 13 Apr 06

hi, on the laptop when i pick up the skype phone the display changes to skype, and when the handset is put back down the display goes back to where it was, still with me? :-), I have now tried to set it up on another PC, but no way can i get it to work by lifting the phone, if that makes sense...any one any idea where i have gone wrong................thank you

  Audeal 14:35 13 Apr 06

Try comparing the settings on both computers and match the settings with the one that works.

  Ikelos 15:39 13 Apr 06

Hi, just done that again, and now i can not see the wood for the trees, but i will try again..thanks

  Ikelos 16:31 13 Apr 06

one thing i have realized is that one laptop is USB2 and the other USB1 not sure if that would make ant is the one with USB1 that will not work.....

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