Skype via my switch?

  pjbw 01 Mar 12

I have my Windows 7 PC connected to my switch/broadband modem via an Ethernet cable. I have one Ethernet socket still spare on the switch. What I am considering is connecting a Skype phone (Philips VOIP855 say) via the spare socket and installing Skype on the PC. Then I would have Skype connected for audio calls when the PC is off and I could send files etc when the PC is on. Would this work, or is it not that simple?

  Nontek 01 Mar 12

In the absence of any other answers, I would say, one way to find out is to try it!!

  pjbw 02 Mar 12

That's possibly what I will finish up doing. Only snag is that the Philips VOIP855 series seems to be the front runner and costs about £120 ! I would hate to have it connected and then find that I cannot access Skype on my PC.

  Nontek 02 Mar 12

My guess is that it would work fine - Install Skype first if not already on your PC.

(I use Skype too, on Win7)

  Nontek 02 Mar 12

[Home & Skype phones]

Have a look at this .....

  Woolwell 02 Mar 12
  retep888™ 03 Mar 12

I assume the switch you meant is the spare LAN port at the back of your router, as long as the router is on & connected to internet then you can sign in Skype on the Philips VOIP855 after setup & you don't need the PC for configuration.

Quick setup guide click here

  Rob Gibson 03 Mar 12

I have Skype running on my desktop which is connected to my router via ethernet. I also have a Skype Dualphone connected to the same router via ethernet. Both are on and logged in on the same account at the same time. I can call out on either, and when a call comes in both ring and I can answer either. With one in use I can still use the other for calls. The phone will not handle file transfers though.

  pjbw 03 Mar 12

Thank you Rob, That answers my question.

  Rob Gibson 04 Mar 12

Good, thanks for letting me know.

Additionally, I have an iPod touch connected by wireless. So, that's three devices all logged in on the same account at the same time. It's all very clever. I just wish I knew more about how it all works!

  Rob Gibson 04 Mar 12

Thanks for letting me know.

I also have an iPod Touch connected by wireless, so that's three devices logged-in at the same time on the same account! It's all very clever, and I wish I understood how it does it! Anyway, it all works.




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