Skype to landline? anyone using.

  Ive 11:58 04 Jan 06

Is anyone using skype. I would like to no how it compares pricewise to the home phone when using it to phone normal landlines.Is it much cheaper. I know Skype to Skype are free.Please post any reviews please.

  Chegs ®™ 12:02 04 Jan 06

The reason Skype is so much cheaper than a normal call is due to the way that Skype uses the internet highways to reach the nearest exchange to the landline your calling.Then your only ever paying for a local call even if your actually calling a different country.

  Skeletor 12:31 04 Jan 06

I've used "Skype Out" for a couple of months now, and have found it very useful. Calls to most fixed lines (anywhere in the world) will cost you less than 1.5p per minute, and there is no connection charge. I have recently started using 18185 which costs 0.5p per minute to a lot of countries including USA, Germany and France. Calls are also free for most UK fixed line numbers, although there is a 4p connection charge for all calls.


  dms05 12:39 04 Jan 06

I'm based in Spain and use SkypeOut to make all my International Calls. The cost is the same as a local call in the destination country.

Quality is OK if not always brilliant, but it has improved dramatically recently. Expect some, but not many, calls that don't connect.

Buy a USB or Ethernet VoIP phone with it's own sound card. You'll get much better quality of sound. I bought one off ebay for £15 and that included software to drive the USB phone LCD. So I now use the phone like any domestic phone and it includes my SkypeOut balance on the LCD.

I'd give SkypeOut 7/10 for performance and 9/10 for cost.

You need a good Internet (Broadband) connection although dial up gives a poor quality service.

It's worth the £5 minimum credit to try it out!

  Ive 13:50 04 Jan 06

Thanks for the replies so far, any more would be appreiceated.

  EARLR 16:10 04 Jan 06

I use Skype from Spain and we are happy with it.
There is a list of charges on your account page.

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