Skype download usage.

  tilly 2 25 Apr 12

Please can someone tell me roughly how much download usage is involved for a one hour Skype video call. And if you switch off the video during the call and use speech for say half the call does that make a great saving of download usage? Last question, I've heard that if you leave Skype on in a standby situation, awaiting calls, that download usage is still being used. I have a 40GB download allowance per month. So was wondering how this will be affected by skype.

  chub_tor 25 Apr 12

My Skype video calls are typically 800Mb to 1Gb per hour. I can only assume that audio only calls will be much less than that. The bandwidth used by Skype on standby is negligible.

  chub_tor 25 Apr 12

I take back my last comment about the negligible use on standby Read this and you will see that it is about 1.3Gb per month. Personally I only have Skype running when I am expecting to receive or wanting to make a call.

  tilly 2 25 Apr 12

Thanks for your replies. I was wondering if you know anything about gmail video calls if they work as peer 2 peer basis as skype does. Had a look but could not find info. Your second reply made interesting reading.

  chub_tor 26 Apr 12

Sorry but I have no knowledge or experience of gmail video.

  tilly 2 26 Apr 12

Thank you for your help, much appreciated. I think gmail is p2p same as skype. I will do the same as you and only run skype when needed.


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