Skype from Crete is great except to England

  johnincrete 16:24 09 Jan 13

I use Skype regularly to South Africa (video call), Nigeria (to a mobile)and to my elderly sisters on UK landlines as well as Greek internal calls to landlines and mobiles. All calls are excellent except those to UK. I can hear OK but the recievers get faint sound and lots of echo that makes conversation impossible. It's been like this for several months. Any ideas how to get better UK service?

  Woolwell 17:07 09 Jan 13

With Skype you can get indicators of the quality of the call during it. This should tell you where the problem may lie but I suspect that the UK end may be suffering from poor broadband speed and below par line quality. They may well get the same problems with whoever they call.

  compumac 17:23 09 Jan 13

I have Skyped albeit not often, from the UK with Mexico, San Francisco and New York with no problems.

  Woolwell 18:05 09 Jan 13

UK is usually ok. I use Skype on a fairly regular basis. In my experience it depends greatly on the quality/speed of the connection at either or both ends.

  Woolwell 18:39 09 Jan 13

I only use the free part of Skype for overseas calls to another Skype user. That certainly does depend on the connection quality and to some extent on the device receiving it eg I have had a few problems from a tablet using wifi in the Canary Islands with the wifi being from a hotel and possibly shared broadband.


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