tes 17:14 05 Jan 11

In skype ver4.2 you was able to "search for skype users" under CONTACTS. Were do I find the same thing in Skype ver

  Al94 17:49 05 Jan 11

Put a name in the search box

  tes 16:33 06 Jan 11

a194 Thanks I have no problem with that but on the earlier version you could do a search for any one using skype without knowing any names just a general search for any one wanting to chat.

  natdoor 21:47 06 Jan 11

Click on Contacts and then Import Contacts. This will open a window which allows you to insert a name but also lists e-mail and social networking applications which you can select to search for Skype users in your contact list. For example, selecting Outlook Express will indicate all in your address book who have Skype and those without Skype but with an associated telephone number, enabling the use of Skype Out.

  Al94 22:40 06 Jan 11

tes, Skype has moved on, that's no longer available.
It isn't a chat room.
What you are talking about is like taking a phone book and making random calls to see if someone wants to talk!

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