skype ?

  Jaro 19:51 02 Jun 06


i have a problem with skype. when i turn it on it starts as normal but program stays opend on the task bar and i can not get it on screen. hope you understand what i mean. if i log on to diferent user account i can use it with no prob but not in my account. what would be the prob.? i tried to uninstal and install it again and it did not help. still the same it stays opended on the task bar but can not open it and use it on the screen. any sugestions?

  Jaro 20:25 02 Jun 06

nobody ? maybe i should try to explain it again. ok i open skype program. but it kind of stay on task bar like its lock to task bar and even i click on it it wont open. i really dont know how to resolve this prob. can anybody help me? its happening only in my account if i log in to another account skype works ok. but i need it to work in my account of course. help pls :(

  Gordal 20:43 02 Jun 06

Hi Jaro

I can sense your disappointment that no-one has posted to help you. I'm not sure that I can either, but why not try uninstalling the programme and re-installing it?

  Jaro 20:46 02 Jun 06

i did that already it did not help but thank you anyway.

  Ikelos 21:00 02 Jun 06

are you running win98 or XP

  Jaro 22:31 02 Jun 06

win xp

  Bagsey 22:50 02 Jun 06

I dont know why your system is behaving as it is. I had a similar problem when I used Skype in an earlier version. Somehow my Skype got corrupted. I eventually cured it by downloading the program again. The new version started to work OK but I uninstalled it and then reloaded it from the exe file which I had in my downloads folder and all has been OK since. Why not try downloading again and reinstalling it. What have you got to lose.???

  Jaro 14:25 15 Jun 06

ok i tried everithink i posibly could than i decided to do fresh install of windows not just because of skype but im a gamer and i have to do it every year anyway and it was just the time to do it.

clear install solved the problem.

thanks for your help all of you

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