Skynow as an ISP

  whitemaa 23:20 02 Nov 04

Still none the wiser - Where has Skynow gone? Any other Skynow customers out there ?

  Gongoozler 10:27 03 Nov 04

You're not the only one looking for Skynow click here, and a search of the Sky website didn't find any mention of it either.

  Graham ® 10:57 03 Nov 04
  WiLL-A 11:18 03 Nov 04

I signed up with SKYNOW in April 2000 and used them for several months as a PAYG account until I replaced my had drive after a failure.

Since I hadnt taken a note of my logon details I just signed up with Breathe instead with a new account.

A couple of years ago though out of curiousity I tried to contact SKY to retreive my logon details to see if I could still use the account and check for old emails but they didnt reply back to me and I also noticed at this point that their website seemed to have disappeared.

Does anyone know if SKYNOW was directly run by SKY themselves or some other ISP?

  Shas 11:32 03 Nov 04

or is there another one? If, that seems to be ok. My brother-in-law is on it and he says (via email to me)there's no problem his end.

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