Skybox connect to new TV

  scotsue 11:16 07 Jul 06

Just purchased a Toshiba 32WLT66 / 32in HD Ready IDTV. All connected, but not receiving picture from SkyBox - Blue Screen and sound, but no image. Aerial connected thru SkyBox - have to connect to TV to get terrestrial channels/digiview. It must be something obvious were not doing ?

any advice

  ArrGee 11:35 07 Jul 06

Can you access any of the Sky box menus on screen?

  Fellsider 11:36 07 Jul 06

Is the sky box connected to the TV by scart lead?

  scotsue 11:40 07 Jul 06

Skybox is connected by Scart
and the screen is all blue with 'ni signal' in top corner - but we have the Sky sound

  Fellsider 11:43 07 Jul 06

How have you got your sky box etc connected?

The spec for the TV is here click here
and clicking on 'Connections' will show the connection panel for it.

I'm no expert but I think that you will have to have the sky box connected by scart.

  ArrGee 12:06 07 Jul 06

Can you access any of the Sky box menus on screen?

  Flying Teddy 12:16 07 Jul 06

If you can, try a different SCART lead. Maybe make sure that the Scart connectors are fully home - they do tend to fall partially out quite easily....

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