Skybot-Spyware Problem.

  spuds 12:46 12 Jan 03
  spuds 12:46 12 Jan 03

Can the installation of Skybot cause problems with the original configuration of your machine.I have recently installed this programme, and it would now seem as though I have lost a couple of DLL inserts. I now have the 'DLL xxxxx Runner Error' message displayed on start-up.Any suggestions on recovery of this error problem.

  northamuk 12:53 12 Jan 03

I take it you mean Spybot S&D?
If you use it injudiciously you may delete something that you wouldn't want to delete, pay particular attention to the Items which show up in "green".

Suggest downloading replacement DLLs.

  northamuk 12:55 12 Jan 03

You can get DLLs here click here

  spuds 12:59 12 Jan 03

Thanks northamuk for the prompt reply.I did take particular notice to the installation instructions, especially the green/black/red warnings.As you say, possibly reloading DLLs, but how do you do that?.

  spuds 13:01 12 Jan 03

northamuk-You must have telepathic thoughts (;o)) thanks again.

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