Sky TV (Free Sat)

  rawprawn 08:31 07 Mar 09

Sorry not computers, but I live in an area that cannot even get Freeview until 2011.
I have contracted to buy a box for £73 fitted which will give me FreeSat, and a 4 months entertainment pack.
The question is can I get (Transmit) sky from that box to my other 2 tv's in the house (1 analogue & 1 digital)Also will I be able to record from the Sky box to my analogue VHS recorder.
If so how? and what is the best way.
I know nothing about digital TV at all.

  Graham. 09:01 07 Mar 09

Is this Sky Freesat?

A Sky receiver has two analogue outputs, one of which will allow for a remote control (this needs to be switched on). You can distribute this to other TVs, using normal aerial connectors.

If the VHS has a Scart socket, you can connect to the receiver using that. The receiver has two Scart sockets. If not, use one of the analogue outputs.

  Graham. 09:13 07 Mar 09

You will need to set the frequency of the RF outputs and turn on the power for the remote control mentioned above.

On the remote, Services, 4 0 1, Select, 4.

You will then need to tune the other TVs to that frequency. If there is interference from a nearby channel, change the frequency.

  rawprawn 09:16 07 Mar 09

Thanks for the reply, I was told after the 4 months "free" I could cancel the Entertainment Pack and keep the Sky box which would give me about 150 channels Free. I assumed this was Freesat and freeview.
What are "normal aerial connectors" are they like Routers?
My VHS has a Scart Socket so that should be OK.

  rawprawn 09:19 07 Mar 09

"You will need to set the frequency of the RF outputs and turn on the power for the remote control mentioned above".

I assume this will be in the instructions, although the Sky engineer is supposed to set it up. I don't even know what RF outputs are.

  muddypaws 09:24 07 Mar 09

Have you seen this site--extremely helpful if ( in the unlikely event) you require further help than is available here. Work your way to the appropriate forum.
click here

  howard64 09:30 07 Mar 09

I have sky freesat and my video recorder can record from it using the av channel on the recorder. You can only record the channel you are watching/set on with the sky box.

  rawprawn 09:30 07 Mar 09

Thanks for the link I will have a close look at the satellite Forum.

  Graham. 09:47 07 Mar 09

Analogue outputs = RF outputs. It's the same as from a normal aerial socket, use normal aerial cable.

There are two Freesats, Sky and BBC/ITV. They both come from the same satellite, so can be received on the same dish.

If you wish to receive BBC/ITV Freesat, you will need a seperate receiver.

  rawprawn 10:09 07 Mar 09

Thanks for the information, but how do I transmit the signal from my lounge to my bedroom?(the TV in our bedroom is a small digital model)

  rawprawn 10:12 07 Mar 09

For example, I have found this from muddtpaws link
click here
will that do the trick?

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