Sky Router not seen by one laptop

  onthelimit1 02 May 13

A Kiwi has recently moved into my village. He has a new Sky broadband setup. Two laptops and various tablets, phones connect wirelessly to it with no problem.

A two week old Toshiba laptop with W8 sees 6 networks in the vicinity, but the Sky one does not appear in the list. I brought the laptop home and it could see and connect to my two networks.

Anyone any idea what is going on here?


  Woolwell 02 May 13

Exactly the same location as the other laptops?

Changed router channel?

Dual band router and laptop is searching only one band?

I'm clutching at straws because it is odd.

Probably work when you take it back just to annoy you!

  onthelimit1 02 May 13

Yes, same room as the router and the other devices. Haven't changed the channel yet - I'll let insider show me what's going on when I call tomorrow.

Latest Sky router (didn't note the make/model). I've tried removing all the existing profiles (not that easy in W8 - I hate it!)- not sure how to check the band the laptop is searching.

  onthelimit1 02 May 13

I have an Edimax wifi dongle - think I'll try that instead of the built in one if changing channels doesn't help.

  Secret-Squirrel 02 May 13

"........I'll let insider show me what's going on when I call tomorrow."

If you find the Sky router's using channel 12 or 13 then that could be the problem as I've previously found that some wireless adapters can only see networks that use the first 11. Using a channel number between 1 and 11 may make the wireless network visible to the new laptop.

Good luck.

  onthelimit1 02 May 13

SS - thanks for the tip. I think the default channel selection is 'auto', so could well be on 13. If so, I'll swop it and see.

  onthelimit1 03 May 13

The router is on Ch 6 - others in the area are 1 and 11. Still couldn't connect. Installed the dongle - saw and connected straight away. baffled isn't the word!


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