Sky Remote Code

  2neat 17:44 13 Dec 09

I have bought a Samsung P2270HD. Does anyone know correct sky remote code, old black one?

Spent half an hour trying loads of codes :-(


  ^wave^ 17:46 13 Dec 09

know the feeling spent ages getting one for new sharp have you tried the sky web site they can normally get it down to 3 or 4

  2neat 17:49 13 Dec 09

Re web site, yes but I couldn't see my model number. Grrrr.
Will keep looking


  tonyq 19:34 13 Dec 09

If you mean to control the tv sound,channels using the sky remote.
(You may have already tried this if not,give it a go).

Press the interactive button on your sky remote.
Select option 5 Sky Customer Service
Then Select Equipment help from the menu.
Next select the question - How do I programme my sky remote...?
Follow the on screen instructions.

If you cannot find your exact model try one near to it.

  ^wave^ 09:21 14 Dec 09

try this page
click here

  cocteau48 10:25 14 Dec 09

Spent hours trying to get a code to work for a new TV a few years ago.
The code was available OK but would not work.

Eventually contacted Sky who informed me that it was because I had one of the original Sky remotes (old black one)and that the code would never work with it.

Had to buy a newer remote which did the trick.

  2neat 10:36 14 Dec 09

Thanks all. Will tick this as resolved as I have enough info. I think the remote is too old to accept a new code. Will post back when I resolve.

  Cymro. 12:11 14 Dec 09

with a new set I bought a few months ago. The makers of the set and Sky say the set is too new for the code to have been set up yet. They suggested I wait a few months and then try again using the methods mentioned above.

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