Sky Netgear Router

  marco55 13:10 20 Apr 08

Hi, I've tried to unblock my sky netgear router, and followed all the steps to do this that I have found online. Apparantly I now have to login to the actual router bu typing click here into my browser. I have tried this and it just says'Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage'
I apologise for being thick, but can someone please help me!
Many thanks - Mark

  daxian 13:22 20 Apr 08

hi marco55...
how is your router connected to your pc ?

  jaymus 14:13 20 Apr 08

Usually it logs in fine by entering admin admin. All I can suggest is checking the webpage is right by Googling it. And that your browser isn't blocking it. I logged into that webpage for 2 reasons - 1) to make Sky mail interact with Outlook and 2) to change the security settings from WPA to WEP.

  K_elt 14:23 20 Apr 08

I have a sky router and I normally use FireFox to log in. Perhaps try that in case you have a setting in IE blocking access.

I understand the default to access the settings is admin for user, sky for password.

I assume you are connected to the internet when you try to log on, as it won't work no matter what browser you use if not!

  marco55 15:40 20 Apr 08

Wow! what a response from you guys.. thanks! Daxian, I've been using my normal adsl broadband to log onto the net, but I want the sky router to work so I can use my laptop somewhere else in the house. maybe I should try to connect direct to the net using the dodgy sky router? the router itself is connected to my pc via the rj45 ethernet cable that came with it.

  marco55 15:43 20 Apr 08

also, where exactly do I type this username and password? and... once I have actually unblocked the router, after a while it keeps powering itself down! Nightmare! :-(

  marco55 15:50 20 Apr 08

Dear Slim, I'm on a bridge right now and I've got my girlfriend locked in the trunk.. if I don't get this thing to work... ;-)

  K_elt 18:10 20 Apr 08

You have to be connected to the net while using the netgear router. When you put in the into the address bar of the browser, it should bring up an access panel requiring the user name and password. Once you enter those it will take you to the router settings screen.

Hope this helps.

  K_elt 18:12 20 Apr 08

Meant to say the connection to the net should be by way of the netgear router, it isn't enough to just have it connected to the computer while you are using another means of connecting.

  ashdav 19:08 20 Apr 08

all you need is a LAN connection to your router.
ie. a cable connection not wireless.
This has nothing to do with being connected to the internet as stated above.
To access your router type the router IP address into the address bar, that's the topmost window that normally shows the site address that you're looking at.Now hit return.
You should be promted to enter your user name and password.With a Netgear router this is usually "admin" and "password".
The router IP address is on the label underneath it.
Looks like 192.168.x.x

  tullie 19:15 20 Apr 08

Your problem is that your on a bridge,in the car.You need to be at home with the router.
By the way,its called a boot,not trunk.

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