Sky HD - self install

  dommer 14:40 24 May 07

Any help here is greatly appreciated.

Just purchased a new Sky HD Box from an Ebay vendor. I've got all the correct fittings at home as I'm running Sky+. Am I right in assuming that it's just a case of hooking up the box to the two LNB cables, connecting the phone line, throwing the HDMI cable in to the TV and then calling Sky and asking them to marry up the Viewing card to the HD Box?

I'm sure its that simple, but its' not going to be, right?

  donki 14:59 24 May 07

Is it not an exta £10 a month to upgrade your package also? How much did the box cost you?

  dommer 16:03 24 May 07

Yes, the additional subscription is £10 a month. I paid £180 on ebay, including P&P.

  postie24 19:48 24 May 07

Yes dommer that is all you have to do.Thats a good price for the HD box

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