Sky+ HD box and Sky broadband

  awest3 15:59 31 Aug 08

I had a Sky+ HD box fitted last Friday (replacing a standard box), did not realise until after the engineer left that my Sky broaband had stopped working. I removed th phone connection between the new sky box and broadband started working again. Plugged it back in again and broadband stopped working again (orange lights on the Sky router).

Any ideas?

(I've also posted on the Skyuser website but not had an answer as yet)


  Chris the Ancient 17:57 31 Aug 08

I'll try a simple one...

Was the filter put back in line when the box was changed?

  awest3 18:08 31 Aug 08

hi , yes....the connection was not touched....i've tried a couple of spare adapters and I have same result....


  baldydave 18:26 31 Aug 08

I agree with Chris,filter trouble.You say you have tried adapters,do you mean filters?
Have you got a second phone with a filter if so unplug this phone/filter (this must be good as broadband returns when you unplug sky box)remove filter fit to sky phone connection the end that goes in bt socket make sure it is fully in and see if this works.
ps if removing filter from second phone leave this unconnected during the test

  awest3 19:33 31 Aug 08

hi Thanks for these suggestions..I contacted Sky, they asked me to reconnect the phone line and, much to my embarressment it all worked perfectly...I can only think that there is a connection which is not quite right...although the connection had not been touched during the new sky box installation so why did it happen at that time..! I have a sky engineer calling on Tuesday regarding the installation guy drilling through my tvlink cable...worked ok until he left I'll ask him to have a look at it.... am I just having a bad day..?

I also found this info 2 weeks after ordering mine at full price..!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just this second got off the phone to Sky.....

I got SKY+ HD for £105 in total on the conditions I upgrade to either sport or movies. I planned on going for the sport but went for the movies too!

Phone 01506 421825, then take options 1,4,5,3,4!

They are the ONLY department able to offer the deal... they guy told me that the deal is designed for people looking to cancel movies / sport.

Call the number and follow them options... tell them HD for £75 / 30 !

You should be able to use this deal if you want to upgrade to Sport/Movies or already have them!


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