Sky + Genuine Upgrade Kits

  peter4076 15:21 19 Feb 05

Having a mooch round Ebay come across the title, genuine HDD and simple user guide to upgade from standard 40 gig HDD (Pace 2)to upto 250 gig with quiet fans completes the kit from £70.00 upwards, where 180 gig Panasonics are in the £300+ bracket, as anybody dipped their toes in this sphere of computering, obviously this would violating your warranty, but after 12 mths is it yours to play with.

  Salinger 15:36 19 Feb 05

Have a look at click here before you do anything.

  peter4076 19:04 19 Feb 05

Thanks Salinger, seems like more questions than answers!!

  reddwarfcrew 20:39 19 Feb 05

just buy the hard drive yourself from ebuyer or dabs etc and get the screw driver from maplin.

Its really easy and only takes 15mins. You don't have to put the HD in the pc to run the utils mentioned at the digispy forums (click here) if you don't want to. I didn't and it works fine.

  peter4076 20:57 19 Feb 05

Thankyou reddwarfcrew that seems alot more positive will give this some serious thought.
Will now tick

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