SKY+ Is Full - AM Getting HD box on Friday - can I transfer my saved programmes?

  Whitekirk Pinky 13 Feb 13

As the title suggests, I am getting a SKY HD box on Friday - my current 1st Gen SKY+ box is almost full of programmes I have yet to watch - is there anyway - USB or otherwise, that I can transfer these to the new box - SKY Says no - which is not ideal.

  Chronos the 2nd 13 Feb 13

You might want to change your 'User name' to something other than your email address.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13 Feb 13

You can copy the contents of one drive to another, but this would involve opening up both your boxes, and hence voiding the warranties. THIS is the software to do it.

  Forum Editor 14 Feb 13

"SKY Says no - which is not ideal"

Nevertheless, it's a fact. I do not advise opening either of the boxes to attempt the transfer. You'll be in breach of your contract with SKY, and as Fruit Bat /\0/\ says, you'll void the warranty on the boxes.

  lotvic 14 Feb 13

Read through this thread on which asks the same question as you and seems to cover all the options. (None of which mean opening any boxes)

  dms_05 15 Feb 13

The thread on avforums is VERY VERY old. I'd ignore the suggestions made as Sky have changed many things in the past 7 years. I would however suggest you post on which is an independent self help community of Sky users.

The question you ask has been asked many times and the answer always involves taking the two drives out of the boxes and copying files when the two boxes use the same OS. However you have a problem as the Sky+ box and the Sky+HD box use different OS's and that makes the whole project more difficult.

Ask on Sky User and you will find lots of people who really know what the chances are.

  lotvic 15 Feb 13

dms_05, the thread I linked to might in your opinion be "VERY VERY old" it is dated 2007. However Whitekirk Pinky did say "my current 1st Gen SKY+ box"

I think the best solution is to keep the old box as 'mbren26' did in the thread I linked to:

"I had HD installed on saturday. It replaced the sky+ box in the lounge. I had the sky+ box moved upstairs to the bedroom (where i already had a standard box) i used the viewing card that was in the + box for the HD box and the card that was in the standard box in the + box in the bedroom. I can still watch all the programmes recorded on the + box even though it is a different card that was in the box when they were recorded."


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