sky email not being delivered to pc,but goes to ipod,

  lebjerag 20:37 05 Jul 13

For the last few days my sky email has not been working properly,i can send emails but they are not being delivered to my desktop, but are getting through to my ipod,i have changed the password as instructed online but no joy,i have set it up to be received by my yahoo account,but its says to verify it,but I cant get hold of the email yahoo sends,but it appears on my ipod,can I verify it from there somehow,? thanks.

  lebjerag 21:07 05 Jul 13

Thanks Jock1e, Will have a look and get back.

  Pine Man 07:15 06 Jul 13

You have to leave mail on server ticked normally or it will only open in the first device that you use.

If you leave it unticked it will, as you say, only appear in the first device used BUT should still be shown in the trash can of the Yahoo Sky Mail program on your desktop if that was not the first device.


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