Sky Broadband - Voyager modem?

  Graham. 23:32 07 Jul 07

I tried to set up a modem to use with Sky, as the Netgear router interferes with my TV sender and wireless camera. It didn't work. Any obsevations, please?

  Dipso 23:43 07 Jul 07

There should be no reason why it wouldn't work...Sky aren't to keen on customers using their own equipment but that's another story...what problems did you have exactly?

  Dipso 23:44 07 Jul 07

Should have asked ...which modem?

  Graham. 23:46 07 Jul 07

Voyager 105. The username and password were not recognised.

  Dipso 23:55 07 Jul 07

Are you certain you have the right username and did you obtain them?

  Graham. 23:58 07 Jul 07

Been with Sky since February, they're the correct details.

  Dipso 00:11 08 Jul 07

I only ask as I thought you could only access the username and password with a 3rd party utility click here

  ^wave^ 08:47 08 Jul 07

connect to the router open a browser type in this will ask for a user name a nd password it should be admin password is sky settings should be there

  mgmcc 09:05 08 Jul 07

Was the Voyager supplied by BT in conjunction with a broadband package? If so, it may be "locked" to their service by accepting only a valid BT login (email address?). Retail versions of the router obviously wouldn't have this restriction.

I understood that the Netgear DG834 router supplied by Sky was "customised" for use with their service, which might mean that conventional routers won't work.

  Dipso 15:46 08 Jul 07

The Sky router is a Netgear DG834GT but Sky have customised the firmware and you can't access certain features that you can with any other retail DG834GT. AFAIK this includes obtaining the username and password. The utility I linked to can get allow you to access certain features that otherwise would be inaccessible.

Other Sky users have successfully managed to connect with different hardware after obtaining their details as above however if you do this you are in breach of their t & c's.

The modem could well be locked but I didn't think it was compatible with faster broadband connections anyway, according to BT.

  Graham. 16:05 08 Jul 07

Thanks, I've got the correct username and password now, so I'll try again. If it works, will Sky be able to tell?

(Slight pause).

Just had a brainwave - I unscrewed the aerial on the router. Interference gone. It's always the simple things...

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