Sky Broadband Problem

  superhoops 08:06 29 Jan 07

Hi. I have Sky Broadband Mid package. For the last couple of months I have had to reboot the computer three or four times a day due to the connection slowing down very badly or stopping totally. After rebooting the pc it is fine for a while. I use Firefox and I find that very often when I start it up most if not all of the tabs display "Cannot load.."
When starting Thunderbird it very often cannot connect. Rebooting the router makes no difference or restarting the programs either. The only thing that works is rebooting the PC which is becoming a pain. It is exactly the same if I use Opera or IE7.
I phoned the Sky helpline but after holding on 35 minutes was told it was a problem with the PC and not their side. Any ideas? Thanks

  Graham. 09:07 29 Jan 07

Find your Network Adaptor in Device Manager. Right click and select Update driver.

  superhoops 09:16 29 Jan 07

Thnaks for that but it came up with wimdows cant find a better match than that I already have.

  superhoops 18:43 30 Jan 07

Has anyone any other ideas??It is driving me mad!!!!

  daxian 22:11 30 Jan 07

hi superhoops ....
i have found a lot of usefull information on
click here
a lot of sky users ...give it a try ...Dave

  Graham. 10:26 31 Jan 07

Thanks for that. I've signed up, I have a few questions myself.

  QuizMan 13:20 31 Jan 07

There are two things that I've found that have improved my Sky connection.

Firstly, reboot the router at about 9pm, when web activity is at it's heaviest. I'm not sufficiently technically minded to know why, but it has something to do with noise levels being at their worst at this time. Rebooting compensates for this.

Secondly, disable UPnP. Can't remember exactly where this is in the router setup as I'm currently at work, but look around and you'll find it. I remeber it being at the top of one of the pages. I've not had a dropped connection since I did this.

  Graham. 14:09 31 Jan 07

Sky router address is http:// (leave out the space).

UPnP is down the bottom left.

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