On Sky broadband - No phone working

  compumac 19:31 PM 20 Jun 11

My daughter is with Sky for her broadband and is having trouble in,that if she is on the internet the phone will not work ring out on the house. We have changed all of the filters and removed the bell wire. Any further suggestions?

  compumac 14:18 PM 21 Jun 11


  Woolwell 14:27 PM 21 Jun 11

Have you connected the router to the master socket?

can you try another router?

  compumac 17:52 PM 08 Jul 11

If I were to say that the internal wiring from the main telephone socket onwards was door bell wire and NOT telephone cable, what would be your comments? I can guess but in technical terms what would be the effect on Broadband/phone working correctly?

  woodchip 17:57 PM 08 Jul 11

that's is all they use, for telephones, but as you say proper multi wire is lots better. the bell wire is more often only copper coated steel. when water gets in you get a internal brake corrosion that you cannot see. you then start wondering why its not working

  woodchip 18:01 PM 08 Jul 11

PS if you can trace all the wire, look for a rough area this may be a tell-tale sign of rust inside the plastic

  Poitier 19:34 PM 08 Jul 11

If you have an nte5 master socket,remove the faceplate and plug a filter into the test point on the wall.Connect phone and router.If the phone then works with the router in use the fault is in the internal wiring.

  wiz-king 19:46 PM 08 Jul 11

Has she got a wireless router and DECT phones? That can often cause problems.

  compumac 20:05 PM 08 Jul 11

It now transpires that the main incoming socket is upstairs with the router plugged in downstairs along with the PC connected by RJT. The wireless aspect is not employed. I personally suspect the wiring and the fact that the router is not plugged into the main incoming socket. Comments?


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