Sky Broadband - installation woes

  Bailey08787 12:48 19 Mar 07


I signed up to the Sky tv/telephone/broadband package on March 2nd.

I live in on the 3rd floor of a 3-storey apartment block. Therefore Sky told me that I would need a 'special heights' team to install the dish - and therefore I would have to wait until 18th March for the team to visit.

Well, the 'special heights' team turned out to be a guy who spoke very little English who arrived in a tinpot van with a toy-ladder on his roof. It was immediately apparent that his ladder was not going to be reaching the third floor. Regardless, he helpfully informed me that health & safety regulations prevented him from going higher than 10ft.

Within 30 seconds of his arrival, he helpfully informed me, and I quote, "no, cannot do, you cancel order, I get cancel papers, you cancel, I go".

I call Sky, relay my frustrations, which fall on deaf ears, am told another visit will have to be booked - the earliest date is April 3rd.


Now despite my annoyance, another few weeks without Sky TV will not kill me. However, as I heavily depend on an internet connection for my business/livelihood, another few weeks without broadband will hurt me financially.

So on to the main subject of this thread, Sky have told me that my line has been activated (as of 14th March), and that broadband is there waiting to be used - but that I can't use it until the sky router equipment is installed. I asked why this was - customer care robot told me it was a 'business decision' (whatever the hell that means).

I have my own netgear 834GT modem/router - does anybody know of a work-around so I can start using my broadband connection without having to wait for, which in all likelihood could be another botched dish installation attempt on April 3rd?

many thanks

  MAJ 13:23 19 Mar 07

If your Sky kit has been delivered, it doesn't usually take that long and is usually delivered (from other ISPs anyway) before the line is activated, go ahead and install the kit Sky gave you.

  Bailey08787 13:56 19 Mar 07

I don't have the Sky kit unfortunately. Sky said I wouldn't be given it until the dish installation was undertaken.

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