Sky broadband connection problem- LAN

  slasor 23 Apr 12

I have a sky broadband and have been using it wirelessly; but i've just tried attempted hooking it up via the LAN cable/port and nothing has happened.

i have attached it to the port with the three little computer symblos and into the back of the router as instructed and made sure the wires are firmly attached

looking at a few troubleshooter guides it states that i can go into to my network adn access the LAN setting via its properties (control panel>network connections) but when i go in there isnt an option for a LAN (area is blank)

Can someone help or direct me to something that would help rectify this?

Thanking you in advance

  northumbria61 23 Apr 12

Have a look in Device Manager to see if anything shown under Network Adapter - it looks like it may be missing.

  mgmcc 23 Apr 12

As advised, there should be an entry in Device Manager for the ethernet adapter. Also, in the Network Connections folder there should be an entry for a "Local Area Connection" in addition to the "Wireless Network Connection" which you've been using.

  slasor 24 Apr 12

Under "connection to" network connections there is only the wireless and the Internet which are only there when connected.

Under the device manager there is the Belmont wireless adaptor (for wireless) and a inter(r) pro/100 ve network connection. This has a yellow ! On the circuit board symbol.
I cannot see anything saying LAN

  northumbria61 24 Apr 12

Right click on the one with the yellow exclamation mark and select Update Driver Software

  slasor 25 Apr 12

I updated within device manager. But when I look back in device manager it still has the yellow ! Against it. The icon states that it might be a plug and play problem and alter the BIOS.... Rather not do that.

Could it be because I'm using a belkin wireless connection?

Is there anything I can download to fix this? Or is it wireless all the way?


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