Sky Broadband

  manrow 08:55 18 Mar 08

I have been using the Sky broadband service? for the past 2 months. Compared to dial up I was reasonably pleased, until I used my laptop elsewhere on another wireless installation to find it several times faster.

I will gloss over the time, (hours), spent talking to witless people somewhere in the world each of whom went over the same questions to no avail. Finally last night I managed to convince the lady in the Philippines that I really would change to BT (and tell the world about it), unless I spoke to a technical person in England who could analyze my problem(s). Within 60 seconds he agreed that with download/upload showing only exactly 288kbps at my router, it had to be being throttled somewhere.

It seems that in areas where Sky do not presently have their own equipment in exchanges that they have to contract with BT to provide the service. Is it any wonder that unless we or Sky check, then BT can freely restrict the service being provided? I now have to wait 3/4 days for BT to turn up the system, and then a further 10 days for the system to establish what level of speed to provide up to the 8MB I am paying for.

All new Sky customers need to check their broadband speed out.

  Graham. 09:04 18 Mar 08

Look for your exchange click here

  manrow 09:40 18 Mar 08

Thanks Graham, I have already looked at that site.

I have also used the BT speedcheck site which confirms my line/exchange is capable of 8Mg.

  Dipso 16:47 18 Mar 08

"Finally last night I managed to convince the lady in the Philippines that I really would change to BT (and tell the world about it)"

Out of the frying pan and into the fire comes to would essentially be on the same service.

The Sky LLU Base, Mid or Max packages are far superior to the Connect package and costing nothing, £5 or £10 respectively compared to £17 are much better value for money.

  manrow 20:21 18 Mar 08


You are so right! But after hours worth of mindless questioning, and her abject failure to put me through, I had little to 'encourage' the Philippine call centre operator to really connect me with a technician, than the possibility of adverse publicity!

BT don't like bad publicity I thought. But if my assumption is right that they are restricting broadband speed, you can imagine my euphoria if having changed to the (more expensive) BT, I discovered really fast broadband.

Now, within 14 days I should be enjoying that same fast broadband at a sensible Sky price!

  laurie53 10:49 19 Mar 08

Slightly off thread, but I wish Sky would stop pushing their broadband "service".

I would love to be with Sky instead of BT but can only get their restricted "Connect" service.

I'm a Sky subscriber in a town of 3,000 people only half an hour from Edinburgh, but it appears they only serve the larger centres.

Can understand it with cable, where there's a relatively large capital investment, and they need a large customer base to recoup it, but not with broadband, where the infrastructure is already in place.

  manrow 13:56 19 Mar 08


I sympathise with your situation, but understand there is a minimal amount of infrastructure which Sky need to add.

  Graham. 14:20 19 Mar 08

Sky needs to install their own equipment in your local exchange. It makes commercial sense to complete the biggest ones first.

  manrow 08:45 25 Mar 08


BT were due to remove the broadband restriction in the local exchange on Good Friday, and guess what? It didn't happen! Nor over the rest of the bank holiday.

But turned on this morning and the router numbers read:-

DownStream Connection Speed 8128
UpStream Connection Speed 448

What a difference from 288/288.

Thank you Sky for sorting 'em out!!

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