sky broadband

can anyone help i am now with sky max broadband when i switch on i get the message cannot find server i then have to reset router switch pc off switch it on again go to set program access and defaults then click on computer manufacturer click on internet explorer and i'am on line there must be a better way sky cant help.


  ventanas 11:07 09 Oct 06

Sorry Mildy, can't actually help, bit my daughter has exactly the same problem as you, so do you mind if I monitor this thtead for any possible solution. If I come up with anything I will post here.

ventanas please do mildy

  daxian 21:25 10 Oct 06

hi ventanas...
could use a bit more info....
are you useing the wireless option ,do you have at least one ethernet connection to the router,
have you set the routers config so it auto dials?

do you have the same problem every time you start the pc...can imagine it would be a bit frustrating.......Dave.

  daxian 21:28 10 Oct 06

hi again ....sorry posted and then realised i had addressed the wrong poster,my apologies to you both....Dave.

  mothercranky 21:15 12 Oct 06

phew, am so glad i logged in and realised it isnt just me!
i got sky bb last week and it hasnt stayed connected for more than a couple of hours. i thought it was because both my son and partner have just bought laptops and are now sharing my connection. was going to ask how many wireless connections sky could support!

At last i have had my problem resolved i am on sky max and i am 5 kilometers from exchange and sky were pushing more down the line than it could take,thanks for all the response

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