Skipping DVD/CD play back

  Mr "B" 22:15 20 Nov 06

During playback of a CD/DVD its all jumpy and skips, i've had this fault before and i can't really remember what i was told to do, i think it involved going into the hardware properties/device manager/DVD/CD-rom drives and right clicking on this and then uninstalling this then re installing it and then finally restarting it.
Is this the correct way and will i muck anything up if i give this a go?

  skidzy 22:26 20 Nov 06

I would guess if a persistent problem,check the cables are firmly in place before uninstalling from Device Manager,also try updating the drivers from device manager.

  Technotiger 22:27 20 Nov 06

Hi, yes, I think you have the right idea - you will not harm anything by doing as you have said - you might not need to uninstall, just update the drivers in device manager.


  Mr "B" 22:34 20 Nov 06

So if i click on uninstall will it give me the option to reinstall when i right click on the DVD/CD rom drives. If i do go ahead with the uninstall it won't disappear off my pc forever and then i've totally mucked it up!!!

  skidzy 22:40 20 Nov 06

Windows will automatically find the generic drivers and install them,but try to update the driver first as we have pointed out.This way you may get a newer driver.

  Mr "B" 22:43 20 Nov 06

when i go update driver it asks me to insert the disc it came with or search from other sources but this option has Adanced written in brackets by it, i'm not what you call advanced on a pc so find this a bit daunting.

  Mr "B" 22:48 20 Nov 06

Sorry my mistake, i've just tried updating the driver and after a few seconds of search a msg came up saying there is not a newer version than i already have.

  skidzy 22:50 20 Nov 06

yes follow the prompts,you can always roll back the driver.

You may like to consider the laser may be on its way out if this problem persists and the cables have been checked that they are firmly inserted.

  Mr "B" 22:54 20 Nov 06

Cheers skidzy, i'll give it a whirl.

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