Size/amount gain over speed of memory?

  josie mayhem 11:44 17 Nov 04

I'm just about to do some vedio editing, at the moment I have 515mb of pc3200, one large 80g hard drive, and empty second dirive of 40g.

Knowing that vedio editing is quite intence on the resources, I am wondering weather I would benifit from installling my spare pc2100 memory cards total of 384mb.

I am aware that my pc32000 will slow down to pc2100 (my mobo can use both types) but because I will be almost doubleing my memory in size would I actualy gain in speed on the editing.

I'm only looking at doing this has a short term solution (daughters 18th and christmas around the corner means no computers parts buying for me)

  josie mayhem 12:54 17 Nov 04


  pluff 13:14 17 Nov 04

I would be very suprised i the machine will boot with 2 different memory sticks in at the same time.
I would buy another stick of pc2700

  Diemmess 13:34 17 Nov 04

You could easily slip into "being a fiddler"......There is a risk, though very small.

Stay as you are and live the dream .... "One day I will buy more fast memory"

of course you could just try ------

  josie mayhem 14:09 17 Nov 04

I think I've aready slipped into fiddling!

concidering the hassel if it doesnt work. I think I can gain by your suggestion 'dream' and put up with what I've got.

I might try another time when I've more time, as I was supossed to have edited this footage about 2 months ago but.....

  Diemmess 15:24 17 Nov 04

A wise decision, if only from fear of a version of Sod's (If it Aint Broke) Law....... "When time is short, that is when the OS goes Phut, with no hope of recovery."

  Gongoozler 15:31 17 Nov 04

If during the editing you see a lot of hard drive activity, then more memory will make a big difference, otherwise I don't think the benefits will be worth the risks. This site will give you an idea of how much memory you need according to the tasks your computer is performing click here

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