Size of web pages (pixels)

  Jimbo Blue 15:47 27 Jan 06

I,m new to this game and trying to build a web site that will also have e-commerce and am using NOF9. For me it's a great piece of software but still a steep learning curve. So, to the point. I have followed a recommendation to limit page width to 750 pixels but when I look at a preview on my monitor there is a lot of empty space left on the screen. What am I doing wrong?


  mco 16:20 27 Jan 06

because your computer a wider screen 1024x768, so you are bound to have empty space. You can centre your page on the browser and then it will look more balanced. I got NOF9 for Christmas, also use NOF7 and know others on here with NOF so keep coming back!

  ade.h 16:29 27 Jan 06

*Another regular NOF user here*.

I make my pages 1000 pixels wide but don't quite fill that in its entirety. You must allow for scroll bar space, but don't be afraid of filling a page. It is aesthetically poor form, IMHO, if most of your visitors see an excessive quatity of space. It says "I couldn't fill this up or be bothered to centre it" Every design will have its own requirements.

As mco points out, certain designs benefit from page centreing, but this you must experiment with as it does not sit well with all layouts and site styles.

BTW, mco; did you ever cure that recalcitrant page that refused to centre? I can't remember how that ended now.

  ade.h 16:30 27 Jan 06

"I got NOF9 for Christmas"

Don't brag! LOL.

  Jimbo Blue 18:04 27 Jan 06

Thanks to you both for your prompt responses and informative answers. I'll change my layout to 1000 pixels wide and get copies of the other major browsers to see what my site looks like with them.

Thanks again.


  ade.h 18:09 27 Jan 06

Ideally, you'll need Opera 8.5, Firefox 1.5 and 1.0.7, and IE6, the latter of which you already have of course. IE tends to be a pretty tolerant platform. A good alternative is to put your sites through an online emulator, which will check compatability with virtually all browsers, including Safari and older versions of IE.

  mco 18:28 27 Jan 06

..centred itself when I published with NOF9.

  ade.h 19:00 27 Jan 06

Ah, so you managed to get NOF 9 to publish as well! Good news. I lost track of that thread too. (Been a hectic week....)

  beynac 22:53 27 Jan 06

Totally agree!

  Jimbo Blue 11:07 02 Feb 06

Hi John

What you say makes a lot of sense. Am targetting private individuals who probably mostly have 1024 x 768 but also need to be aware that many may be viewing on works screens. Good point! So have set my site on NOF9 to "Dynamic Page Layout" under Browser Compatibility. This should give me the best of both worlds? I really don't want horizontal scroll bars as I've seen these on other sites and they are YUK!



  ade.h 15:16 02 Feb 06

I'd like to see how the Dynamic Page Layout behaves, as in my six months of using NOF 8, I have only tried it on one project and it did not work.

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