size of page on new website

  sugarbabe 14:41 08 Nov 06

Have new website up and running but not happy with size of page. If it is viewed in 800 have to scroll across but when i set width to 100% the pictures went across to right hand side and wouldn't stay in line with text.

I am using frontpage link is click here

  acsmanhtml12 17:15 08 Nov 06

a) Don't like your underline link colour.
b) Using CSS you could manually put images where you like. As it is tables (last time I checked) I'll look through my coding books tonigtht and my testing servers to give you the answer you need

  sugarbabe 20:51 08 Nov 06

I have looked at css but from what i can read it is all code, where as with frontpage i line the page up the way i want it to look or maybe i am misunderstanding. I would certainly be interested in any articles on learning CSS

  gibbs1984 09:01 09 Nov 06

CSS is very easy to learn and there's plenty of free tutorials on the Internet but I would buy a book and learn it myself, I think it's easier that way.

CSS makes it so much easier to design a webpage, especially when you run into small problems.

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