SIW Trojan Warning from Avast.

  birdface 14:00 26 Nov 11

Hi tried downloading SIW from Snapfiles and Avast pop up jumps in and says stopped Trojan download or something to that affect.I tried it again later and got the same result.

So downloaded it from Softpedia with no problems.

Opened up avast and nothing there to say that it had deleted or stopped anything so not sure what the problem is.

Below is what I saved at the time but does not open as a click here.

Now Ad Muncher is mentioned but not sure if that would interfere with downloading anything but will check it out shortly.[Trj]&pprc=file://C:\Program%20Files\Ad%20Muncher\AdMunch.exe&pobj=

  birdface 14:56 26 Nov 11

Ok Found out it is a bad download.Tried downloading it on my other computer and Eset stopped it from installing.

So don't download SIW from the Snapfiles address that I posted.

Will class as resolved.

  rdave13 15:05 26 Nov 11

I get that on some sites so ,as you did, will search for another one. Possibly a nasty script in there. Rigt click the icon in notification area and select "show last pop-up message".

  birdface 16:29 26 Nov 11


Ok thanks for that.In safe mode at the moment but will try when I reboot.

  rdave13 16:41 26 Nov 11

More logs show if you go to Real time shields, select which one, select 'expert settings' and log link in blue bottom right. Best free AV in my humble opinion.

  birdface 16:45 26 Nov 11

Ok.Will have a look when I come out of safe mode.Thanks

  birdface 19:15 26 Nov 11


Yes it came under web shield and was something to do with js script from

To late for the pop up it had updated and that's what showed.

Eset also logged it.

  rdave13 19:24 26 Nov 11

I'm sure Snapfiles will soon remove it. For years I've been using Avast and sometimes it spots these script even on a Google search page.

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