SiteCom Network-Faster than Speedtouch adsl modem?

  AngeTheHippy 09:04 25 Nov 07

Morning Chaps,
This weekend finds me setting up a home network wirelessly and the Wii console too.

Well, IT WORKS, much to my surprise, but using Dongles rather than wireless n/w card internally which I would have preferred but never mind.

Now correct me if I'm wrong - it ***seems*** to be a tad faster connection whether on PC or n/worked Laptop. Can this happen? I'm very curious!!

Also, I've been advised to not rely on the XP firewall, but to get another that runs along side. Should I install this Firewall on Desktop AND Laptop? Been reading up on the best freebies nd Comodo seems to be a favourite.

Thanks muchley in advance,


ps........Ejoy Sunday!

  Ashrich 18:59 27 Nov 07

Don't run the two firewalls together , disable the Windows one and just run Comodo , no conflicts that way . If the Sitecom stuff is actually an ADSL Wireless Router/Modem then it is perfectly possible it has a faster connection to the internet than the Speedtouch . So what happened to the internal wireless adapter , I must have missed the thread ?


  AngeTheHippy 19:53 27 Nov 07

All up running and good. I've got Comodo on Desktop & Laptop, but GOT to take this bally dongle back that I'm using on the Laptop. Really NOT robust - I can see in a short time I'm gonna wrench it sideways or summit. There's an opening on side of Laptop with a tray that ejects(?) I think it's for a wireless adapter, so will exchange dongle for it tomorrow.



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