Off-site storage of backups

  silverous 12:14 24 Jul 06


Just wondering if anyone here uses an off-site storage service for their backups ("I keep it in my study at home" doesn't count!).

I'm thinking along the lines of "Iron Mountain" (you may have seen their vans around) who will take your tapes off-site and store them at their facility.

Would love to talk to someone who has used something like this.

Kind Regards,


  GANDALF <|:-)> 12:43 24 Jul 06

I know one company that uses an online backup, these guys click here They have used them for a year and seem happy. Apparently the backups are incremental as well.


  silverous 17:14 24 Jul 06

Thanks. We used a (probably *the*) major provider of online backups or 'vaulting' for about 6 years however this tape backup project is as a replacement as we don't need that leve of facility any more and it is very expensive.

  woodchip 17:28 24 Jul 06

Only downside of Online Is if your computer cannot connect to Internet

  silverous 18:02 24 Jul 06

Woodchip....It depends. It is rare that you can't find *a* computer that will connect to internet unless the whole internet is wiped out and then you have the confidence that your data is held somewhere else securely.

Aside from that, our online backups didn't use the internet by 'online' we used a dedicated 100MB/s connection to the provider which was managed and had an SLA with it. Then if there's a disaster we have a separate contract with them where we mosy on down to their DR centre and they restore all our systems to servers they keep for us. In about a day and a bit we're up and running with 6 servers and 10 PCs (minimum).

It's a reasonably high end solution, I probably should have made it clear I wasn't referring to home use (which I suppose is the focus of the magazine).

  wiz-king 20:49 24 Jul 06

We have a system that has two servers one in central London and one out in the sticks connected by a couple of internet lines these are remotely controlled by another company who are about half way between us (by coincidence) who have a third server that does a back-up every four hours and a dump to tape during the night. We also have an up to date copy of the main program we use and the data at the program developers, this is never more than a couple of days old.

  wiz-king 20:54 24 Jul 06

Before we had this system we used to do a backup at end of day and one of us would take it home - that counts as off site storage!

  silverous 09:29 25 Jul 06

Thanks. I'm really looking for someone who has experience of the main companies that operate this kind of service - actually taking your tapes away each day and storing them.

  notnef 18:03 18 Aug 06

I have been advised by a friend to consider using
a company called carbonite

click here

has nybody used them at all or something similar

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