Is this site slowing down again?

  muddypaws 21:50 22 Sep 12

It is taking 40 secs from clicking the shortcut to PCA and 30 secs to enter a Forum.

There are bigger problems I know!

Is it just me? No problems anywhere else on the web.

  woodchip 21:54 22 Sep 12

no its pca that's gone on a go slow

  woodchip 21:55 22 Sep 12

no its pca that's gone on a go slow

  muddypaws 22:05 22 Sep 12

Well that's it till Monday then! or Tuesday (:- ))

  LastChip 22:27 22 Sep 12

Yes, it's very slow.

  finerty 02:22 23 Sep 12

definitely slow

  KRONOS the First 05:10 23 Sep 12

Speed has been poor or best sporadic since the essential maintenance a few weeks ago.

  sharpamat 06:42 23 Sep 12

Its not only speed I have found that at times even conecting is impossable only getting the debugging page. I only use IE9

  lotvic 08:04 23 Sep 12

I also get the debugging page now and then. Firefox and remember me - (already logged on) sometimes it doesn't remember me and I have to log on.

  sunnystaines 10:02 23 Sep 12

to cope better with the slowness of pca i move the curser arrow over to the "X" on the new icon toolbar at the lower right screen when the curser turns to a hand i know then the page has finally loaded and i can scroll down.

  Aitchbee 10:37 23 Sep 12

Jock1e said ... The odd quick spell and the odd slow spell.

Slow-slow, quick-quick, slow...wasn't that a dance routine ... ?

I prefer to do the 'dial-up' boogie (...every day of the week.) :o]


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